“By the ripe-old age of 27,I’d already protected the world’s richest man, the President of the United States… and Superman!”


“James Caan may play the go-to guy on TV,but in Vegas,I’m the go-to guy that he goes to.”


“I entered the luxurious bedroom to find a mass of naked flesh – three girls and three guys – a pile of arms,legs,torsos and tongues, gliding and grinding.”

Connected Vegas Style

“When I entered Eminem’s private party suite,I was totally stunned by what I saw.


“I’d like you to meet someone” he said.It wasn’t too tough for the 6’4″ Goldberg to spot the 6’6″ Charles Barkley across the crowded casino.”


“Susan graciously signed autographs… but when some loud obnoxious guys started invading her personal space, Neil and Zeus took over.”



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